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Introduction: Education, the environment and sustainability


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Horsthemke, Kai:
Introduction: Education, the environment and sustainability.
In: Ethics and Education. 16 (2021) 2. Special Issue: Education, the environment and sustainability. - S. 137-142.
ISSN 1744-9642 ; 1744-9650


The 17th Biennial Meeting of the International Network of Philosophers of Education (INPE) was scheduled to take place from 28 to 31 July 2020 at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City. Of course, there is something ironic about convening a conference on the environment and sustainability that would require presenters to utilize unsustainable modes of transport in order to participate. As it turned out, because of the outbreak and rapid global spread of a new Corona virus, Covid-19, the conference was cancelled and replaced by an online event held on 7 and 8 November 2020, both premieres in the history of INPE. The essays collected in this Special Issue will hopefully contribute towards the unmasking and undoing of the various kinds of denialism that have held us in its grip and that continues to thwart attempts to establish a sane and morally sustainable set of relationships between us, human beings, and other animals and the animate and inanimate environment.

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Schlagwörter:Corona virus; education; environment; denialism; relativism; sustainability
Sprache des Eintrags:Englisch
Institutionen der Universität:Philosophisch-Pädagogische Fakultät > Pädagogik > Lehrstuhl für Bildungsphilosophie und Systematische Pädagogik
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Verlag:Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
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