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A Politics of Grace : Hope for Redemption in a Post-Christendom Context


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Alpers, Christiane:
A Politics of Grace : Hope for Redemption in a Post-Christendom Context.
London : T&T Clark, 2018. - 240 S. - (T&T Clark Studies in Edvard Schillebeeckx)
ISBN 9780567679840



Dr. Alpers discusses the contribution and role Christian theology plays in developing of the democratic life in post-Christendom societies. She discusses the three major approaches to this debate – public theology, Radical Orthodoxy, and post-liberal Protestantism – in order to illustrate the shared assumption that such an enhancement should be understood in terms of solving existing political problems.

The volume builds on and combines public theology's aspiration to craft a non-triumphant political theology, fit for a post-Christendom context, Radical Orthodoxy's hesitancy to embrace secularism as neutral centre for present democracies; as well as post-liberalism's Christocentric outlook. Alpers engages with a wide variety of thinkers, such as John Milbank, Graham Ward, John Howard Yoder, Kathryn Tanner and Edward Schillebeeckx; to suggest that a political theology in the post-Christendom context could build on the faith that Christ alone has redeemed the whole world.

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Schlagwörter:Schillebeeckx, Edward; theology; contemporary theology; theology in transformation; Alpers, Christiane;
Institutionen der Universität:Theologische Fakultät > Systematische Theologie > Lehrstuhl für Theologie in Transformationsprozessen der Gegenwart
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