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The rescaling of institutional rationalities for shaping opportunity spaces


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Käsbohrer, Andrea ; Grillitsch, Markus ; Zademach, Hans-Martin:
The rescaling of institutional rationalities for shaping opportunity spaces.
CIRCLE - Centre for Innovation Research
Lund, 2024. - 37 S. - (Papers in Innovation Studies ; 2024/6)


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By integrating the concept of opportunity spaces into the debate on multi-scalarity in transitions, this paper explains how and why actors engage in institutional change processes across scales. Opportunity spaces for change conceptualize a multi-scalar institutional architecture as structure for agency and take account of the future-past-dimension of agency. Actors rescale institutional rationalities by carrying out institutional work across scales with the intention to strengthen an industrial path. Our conceptual elaborations are illustrated by in-depth interviews and participant observation of industry associations in the market for residential storage systems in Germany. After having constructed and exploited a national opportunity space for this niche, particularly industry associations and companies engage in institutional work fostering the national implementation of EU legislation and affecting legislation, discourses and standards at a European scale. While institutional semi-coherence is found as constraining condition for rescaling institutional rationalities, holding positions at multiple scales enhances agency.

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Publikationsform:Preprint, Working paper, Diskussionspapier
Schlagwörter:Multi-scalarity; transitions; agency; opportunity space; institutional work; energy
Sprache des Eintrags:Englisch
Institutionen der Universität:Mathematisch-Geographische Fakultät > Geographie > Arbeitsgruppe Wirtschaftsgeographie
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