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Financial Inclusion or Encampment? : Rethinking Digital Finance for Refugees


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Dhawan, Swati M. ; Zollmann, Julie:
Financial Inclusion or Encampment? : Rethinking Digital Finance for Refugees.
In: Journal of humanitarian affairs. 4 (2023) 3. - S. 31-41.
ISSN 2515-6411


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Humanitarian actors touting financial inclusion posit that access to financial services builds refugees’ resilience and self-reliance. They claim that new digital financial tools create more efficient and dignified pathways for humanitarian assistance and enable refugees to better manage their savings and invest in livelihoods, especially during protracted displacement. Our in-depth, repeat interviews with refugees in Kenya and Jordan refute this narrative. Instead, self-reliance was hindered primarily by refugees’ lack of foundational rights to move and work. Financial services had limited ability to support livelihoods in the absence of those rights. The digital financial services offered to refugees under the banner of ‘financial inclusion’ were not mainstream services designed to empower and connect. Instead, they were segregated, second-class offerings meant to further isolate and limit refugee transactions in line with broader political desires to encamp and exclude them. The article raises questions about the circumstances in which humanitarian funding ought to fund financial service interventions and what those interventions are capable of achieving.

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DOI / URN / ID:10.7227/JHA.094
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