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Desire for exploration beats price : Empirical study on customer motives for using digital monetary food sharing platforms


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Frank, Fiorella ; Winterstein, Julia ; Habisch, André:
Desire for exploration beats price : Empirical study on customer motives for using digital monetary food sharing platforms.
2022. - 32 S.


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Fourteen per cent of the global food produced is wasted every, posing an environmental, ecological, and social problem. Digital monetary food sharing platforms have been proposed to reduce food waste by a more efficient use of resources. Yet, literature did not inquire the motivation of consumers to use the platforms. Hence, this paper intends to fill the gap by contributing to the literature on a (food) sharing economy. This study is the first that empirically investigates motives to use monetary food sharing platforms in Germany. We apply an exploratory sequential mixed-method approach combining in-depth interviews with a quantitative online survey, using structural equation modelling. Our results suggest that intrinsic motives have a stronger influence than extrinsic motives: the desire to explore new food was more strongly correlated to the behavioural intention to use the platforms than perceived economic benefit and sustainable motives. Concluding, the research deduces theoretical and managerial implications for different stakeholders.

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Publikationsform:Preprint, Working paper, Diskussionspapier
Schlagwörter:food waste; food waste reduction; sustainability; sharing economy; food sharing; monetary food sharing; sharing platform; business model innovation; theory of planned behaviour customer motives; mixed-method approach
Sprache des Eintrags:Englisch
Institutionen der Universität:Theologische Fakultät > Systematische Theologie > Christliche Sozialethik & Gesellschaftspolitik
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät > Ethik > Christliche Sozialethik & Gesellschaftspolitik
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