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Learning by Teaching - a Resource Orientated Approach Towards Modern Inclusive Education


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Kolbe, Simon:
Learning by Teaching - a Resource Orientated Approach Towards Modern Inclusive Education.
In: Aydogmus, Mevlüt (Hrsg.): New Trends and Promising Directions in Modern Education : New Perspectives. - Meram (Konya), Türkei : Palet Yayinlari Verlag, 2021. - S. 234-255
ISBN 9786257675413


This article presents an option for developing successful learning in schools: the didactic approach "Learning by Teaching" (LbT - German: Lernen durch Lehren/LdL) according to Jean-Pol Martin. In inclusive settings, teaching and learning processes can establish an ac­tive transfer of knowledge learning and skill development through participa­tory elements as LbT. Therefore, it is not surprising that LbT, as a constructivist approach, is, firstly, considered to be unaffected by the educational institution and, secondly, to counteract a so-called pseudo­participation in the dassroom. Effects such as an increased control compe­tence, additional social competencies and a sense of happiness can be observed. In particular, the LbT-approach is also extremely democratic, flexible, and participatory. The concept invites all participants to act responsi­bly for themselves, their colleagues, and their environment. Based on human needs, asking necessary questions, problem-solving skills and peaceful cooper­ation and communication with others are practiced. This con­tribution will give a brief overview of the LbT approach in general and high­light its role in the focus of indusive education and development of competen­cies as well as social skills and indusive competencies.

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Publikationsform:Aufsatz in einem Buch
Schlagwörter:LbT; LdL; Lernen durch Lehren, Inklusion, Inklusive Kompetenzen, Inclusion, Inclusive Skills; Inklusive Bildung; Inclusive Education
Sprache des Eintrags:Englisch
Institutionen der Universität:Philosophisch-Pädagogische Fakultät > Pädagogik > Lehrstuhl für Sozial- und Gesundheitspädagogik
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