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Development and randomized-controlled evaluation of a web-based training in evidence-based trauma therapy


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Sansen, Lisa ; Saupe, Laura Bebra ; Steidl, Annika ; Neuner, Frank:
Development and randomized-controlled evaluation of a web-based training in evidence-based trauma therapy.
In: Professional psychology : research and practice. 51 (August 2019) 2.
ISSN 1939-1323 ; 0033-0175 ; 0735-7028


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Although trauma-focused interventions are effective in treating patients with PTSD, they are not frequently used in clinical practice. To address this gap, the present study aimed to develop and evaluate a web-based training for trauma-focused therapy. Our main objective was to increase the knowledge and competencies of current and future licensed psychotherapists in the core procedures that have been identified as efficacious treatment components. The web-based training consists of modules on diagnostics and psychoeducation, disease models, evidence-based interventions, coping with difficulties in therapy, and exercises to promote self-care and mental hygiene. In a wait-list controlled evaluation study, therapists (N = 499) were randomized into either an intervention or a wait-list control group. Knowledge, competencies, self-efficacy expectations, and willingness to conduct trauma-focused therapy were assessed via self-report in both groups before and after training completion. Results indicate a relatively low dropout rate and a high level of satisfaction with the content and structure of the training. In comparison to the wait-list control group, participants who successfully completed the training showed a significantly greater improvement in subjective ratings of knowledge and perceived treatment competence, perceived emotional competence, self-efficacy, and willingness to conduct trauma-focused therapy. They also improved significantly in their results on the knowledge test. In sum, results of this feasibility study suggest that the web-based training is an acceptable program to increase knowledge and competencies in terms of trauma-focused interventions. Further research should focus on evaluating whether the training increases therapists’ competence in terms of objectively-rated clinical skills.

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Institutionen der Universität:Philosophisch-Pädagogische Fakultät > Psychologie > Lehrstuhl für Klinische und Biologische Psychologie
DOI / URN / ID:10.1037/pro0000262
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Verlag:American Psychological Association
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