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Heidegger’s Building Dwelling Thinking in terms of Minecraft


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Holischka, Tobias:
Heidegger’s Building Dwelling Thinking in terms of Minecraft.
In: Champion, Erik Malcolm (Hrsg.): The Phenomenology of Real and Virtual Places. - London : Routledge, 2018. - S. 164-178
ISBN 978-1-351-60361-4 ; 978-1-351-60362-1 ; 978-1-351-60360-7 ; 978-1-315-10626-7



Martin Heidegger’s essay Building Dwelling Thinking is a great point of reference to examine the correlation. Heidegger’s essay deals with architectonic questions only at first sight. He uses the cyphers “building” and “dwelling” to engage his fundamental philosophical problem, the question of being. Heidegger describes earth as “the serving bearer, blossoming and fruiting, spreading out in rock and water, rising up into plant and animal”. Heidegger conceptualized to be the one between mortals and the divinities. According to Heidegger, dwelling is the activity of producing the world, not in the sense of creating new, previously unknown elements, but in locating the world by rearranging the existing. What he or she does then, namely building and dwelling by choice, are most basic human acts that reveal Minecraft not only to be a game, but also a place. Minecraft is fundamentally a sandbox game with only a few optional goals to achieve, which leaves considerable space for creativity.

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