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Social Media Screening and Procedural Justice: Towards Fairer Use of Social Media in Selection


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Vosen, Eva:
Social Media Screening and Procedural Justice: Towards Fairer Use of Social Media in Selection.
In: Employee responsibilities and rights journal. 33 (2021). - S. 281-309.
ISSN 0892-7545 ; 1573-3378


Open Access
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Companies have started using social media for screening applicants in the selection process. Thereby, they enter a low-cost source of information on applicants, which potentially allows them to hire the right person on the job and avoid irresponsible employee behaviour and negligent hiring lawsuits. However, a number of ethical issues are associated with this practice, which give rise to the question of the fairness of social media screening. This article aims to provide an assessment of the procedural justice of social media screening and to articulate recommendations for a fairer use of social media in the selection process. To achieve this, a systematic literature review of research articles pertaining to social media screening has been conducted. Thereby, the benefits and ethical issues relating to social media screening, as well as recommendations for its use have been extracted and discussed against Leventhal’s (1980) rules of procedural justice. It turns out that without clear guidelines for recruiters, social media screening cannot be considered procedurally fair, as it opens up way too many opportunities for infringements on privacy, unfair discrimination, and adverse selection based on inaccurate information. However, it is possible to enhance the fairness of this practice by establishing clear policies and procedures to standardize the process.

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Sprache des Eintrags:Englisch
Institutionen der Universität:Theologische Fakultät > Systematische Theologie > Christliche Sozialethik & Gesellschaftspolitik
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät > Ethik > Christliche Sozialethik & Gesellschaftspolitik
DOI / URN / ID:10.1007/s10672-021-09372-4
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