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Social Work with Migrants and Refugees


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Social Work with Migrants and Refugees.
Hrsg.: Pfaller-Rott, Monika ; Kálley, Andrej ; Böhler, Doris. Übersetzer: Engelhard, Magdalena
Ostrava : Publisher University of Ostrava, 2019. - 237 S.
ISBN 978-80-7599-077-8


This 5th ERIS monograph includes articles from 14 countries and starts with an extensive introduction chapter outlining central aspects of terminology and statistics on international migration, legal and human rights aspects as well as outlining all included articles.
In the first section covering social work with refugees in Europe the perspective of Austria, Czech Republik, France, Finnland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland are described. This wide range from northern, eastern and central European states provides the strength of outlining common challenges, diverse approaches, difficulties but also possible good practices within the field.
The second section includes articles from Africa (Morocco, Niger), the Middle East (Kurdistan & Iraq), Latin America (Colombia) and Asia (India). These articles include varied perspectives highlighting special aspects of migration like the transformation from emigration, to transmigration to immigration countries or the importance of remittances to the national economy.
Challenges for the profession of social work within the field of working with refugees and migrants form the central part of the conclusion. This publication enables sharing, discussing, critically reflecting and thus learning from each other.

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