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Sediment Budgets in High-Mountain Areas: Review and Challenges


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Hilger, Ludwig ; Beylich, A. A.:
Sediment Budgets in High-Mountain Areas: Review and Challenges.
In: Heckmann, Tobias ; Morche, David (Hrsg.): Geomorphology of Proglacial Systems - Landform and Sediment Dynamics in Recently Deglaciated Alpine Landscapes. - Cham, Schweiz : Springer, 2019. - S. 251-269. - (Geography of the Physical Environment)
ISBN 978-3-319-94182-0


The changes in the sediment transport regimes of high-mountain areas as a consequence of global warming have received growing attention by geomorphologists, not only because these changes can imply a heightened threat to human infrastructure. While many studies dealing with high-mountain sediment transport processes (e.g., rock fall, debris flows, avalanches, stream transport) have focused on one process only, few studies have tried to establish a holistic view of the sediment transport in high-mountain catchments. This review chapter identifies the need for research in high-mountain sediment budgets, aims at providing an overview of studies that have contributed to this goal, and discusses the methodological state of the art in the different steps necessary for sediment budget construction. In addition, relevant research gaps will be identified, thereby showing potential for future research.

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