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Familie - Medien - Mensch : positive Zugänge der katholischen Kirche zu social media


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Kießig, Sebastian:
Familie - Medien - Mensch : positive Zugänge der katholischen Kirche zu social media.
In: Media w rodzinie w perspektywie pastoralno-spolecznej. - Kraków : Ksiegarnia sw. Jacka, Katowice, 2018. - S. 27-44. - (Studia i Materiaty Wydzialu Teologicznego Uniwersytetu Slaskiego w Katowicach ; 88)
ISBN 978-83-8099-036-4


Social media have caused a lasting change of the lives of people and most of families in Germany. More than half of German people use this modern means of social communication - with an upward trend. Therefore it is a mission for a church and a theology, which understand the Areopag of the people of the present time as a locus theologicus, to create a connection between the social media on the one hand and practical theology as well as pastoral practice on the other hand.
First this paper discusses the correlation between church instructions and the means of social communication since the time ot the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) until today. Especially the most recent papal messages for the world communications days point to high sensitivity for the trend of social media. It is to be notes that the church and theology have been discussing this topic for several years.
Based on collected empirical data it could be said that the modern means of social communication are very influential for the practical shape of living together in society and family. The church and theology recognize this constitutive function and give to the user of social media practical theological inputs for the use of this type of communication, which should always serve the people among each other as well as in their relationship to God.

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Publikationsform:Aufsatz in einem Buch
Schlagwörter:Weltkirche, sozialen Kommunikationsmittel, soziale Medien, Familienbeziehungen, Ort der communio, Worldwide Church, social media, social communication, family relationships, locus of communio
Institutionen der Universität:Theologische Fakultät > Praktische Theologie > Professur für Pastoraltheologie
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