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An automatic time lapse camera setup for multi-vision 3D-reconstruction of morphological changes


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Kaiser, Andreas ; Neugirg, Fabian ; Vlácilová, Markéta ; Haas, Florian ; Schmidt, Jürgen:
An automatic time lapse camera setup for multi-vision 3D-reconstruction of morphological changes.
Veranstaltung: EGU General Assembly 2015, Wien.
(Veranstaltungsbeitrag: Kongress/Konferenz/Symposium/Tagung, Poster)



In the cause of a five year monitoring campaign on an Alpine slope in the Lainbach catchment, Southern Germany,
high erosion rates were documented by terrestrial laser scanners (TLS) and unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV).
As a result of different denudation processes erosion rates differ between summer and winter periods. The latter
became evident after comparing both TLS-measured time spans. However, process differentiation and their
contribution to the overall denudation remained challenging due to the discontinuous data collection every few
In order to record these erosion processes an array of four automatically triggered cameras was installed
capturing frames in ten minutes time steps as long as there is daylight. This work in progress aims to produce
long term time series of morphodynamic changes in an active catchment by applying multi-vision structure from
motion algorithms from a set of four cameras. Geomorphic processes caused by special weather phenomena
can thus be interpreted in combination with climatic data acquired right next to the slope. Preliminary model
calculations from the chosen perspectives produced adequate results with point counts of around 5.5 Mio for the
slope. The point density proved to be dependent on the weather conditions, thus foggy and dull images will
be excluded. A validation of the approach will be achieved by comparison of the time lapse point clouds with the
TLS scans and UAV surveys as the monitoring will continue.

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Publikationsform:Veranstaltungsbeitrag (unveröffentlicht): Kongress/Konferenz/Symposium/Tagung, Poster
Institutionen der Universität:Mathematisch-Geographische Fakultät > Geographie > Lehrstuhl für Physische Geographie
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Eingestellt am: 20. Mai 2015 09:46
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