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Ecological belief in a just world


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Baier, Monika ; Kals, Elisabeth ; Müller, Markus:
Ecological belief in a just world.
In: Social justice research. 26 (2013) 3. - S. 272-300.
ISSN 0885-7466 ; 1573-6725


To date, there is considerable evidence that the perception of injustice influences environmental behavior in a positive way. Nevertheless, some people do not take action, even if the injustice seems obvious. Concerning this matter, approaches like the belief in a just world theory or system justification theory provide an explanation. However, so far, there is no scientific research on whether the perception of ecological justice, which is taken for granted, concerning an Ecological Belief in a Just World (EBJW) may lead to differences in people’s environmental behavior.
This paper investigates a newly conceived construct of the EBJW, regarding its occurrence as well as its disposition in the context of other constructs. Therefore, a new scale has been developed for the purpose of this study by means of a questionnaire with German citizens (n = 312) examining motives for energy-relevant behavior. The scale analyses confirm the validity of the new scale. Even though the EBJW did not score high in the total sample, possibly due to significant differences between the participants (particularly socio-demographic variables and different group memberships) it can be stated that there is definitely a relationship between the EBJW and justification arguments and, ultimately, a lack of responsibility for energy saving. Regression analyses reveal that the EBJW, together with cognitive and affective appraisals of justice, can explain energy-relevant commitment, such as engagement in behavior that has negative impact on the climate. Based on these findings, it is suggested that the EBJW is measurable and that it seems to warrant further research.

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Schlagwörter:Environmental justice; ecological justice; belief in a just world/ecological just world; system justification; energy-relevant behavior
Institutionen der Universität:Philosophisch-Pädagogische Fakultät > Psychologie > Professur für Sozial- und Organisationspsychologie
Verlag:Plenum Press
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