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Natural hazard research in the Bavarian Alps - a case study of Mittenwald Germany


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Kerkhof, Holger ; Becht, Michael:
Natural hazard research in the Bavarian Alps - a case study of Mittenwald Germany.
In: Böhner, Jürgen ; McCloy, Keith R. ; Strobl, Josef (Hrsg.): SAGA - analysis and modelling applications. - Göttingen : Goltze, 2006. - S. 75-84. - (Göttinger geographische Abhandlungen ; 115)
ISBN 978-3-88452-115-1



The indication of hazard zones as a practical application in the natural hazard research is often realised by the individual knowledge of the local population or differential bavarian offices (e.g. registry office of avalanches). This reactive strategy leads to false estimations and sometimes to heavy damages. Progresses in the prevention can be achieved, if the potential risk of an area is described by new spatial modelling methods. The conception of the project is to combine the different data sources (Bavarian offices, historical data, field measured values) and to analyse theses information with differential SAGA-modules with regard to avalanches, mud-flows, landslides and rock falls. It is the first try to transform the modules of the SAGA's standard edition (SAGA 1.2) and the modules, which were developed by HECKMANN (2006) and WICHMANN (2006) in small research-areas, into a study area with a dimension of approximately 45 km². The intention is to modelling the disposition and if possible the range of the analysed processes. The first results of the disposition-modelling show a considerably better differentiation of the vulnerable areas than official maps.

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