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Tourism Lobbying in Bavaria : Between Ignorance, Parochialism and Opportunism


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Pillmayer, Markus ; Scherle, Nicolai:
Tourism Lobbying in Bavaria : Between Ignorance, Parochialism and Opportunism.
In: European planning studies. 22 (2014) 8. - S. 1671-1692.
ISSN 0965-4313 ; 1469-5944


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The subject of lobbying in the context of destinations is still a largely unstudied research field both in relation to specific destinations and from the perspective of planning. This is all the more remarkable when we consider that—despite its ambivalent public perception—successful lobbying is a crucial success factor in the positioning of destinations on a highly globalized tourism market with its rapidly changing supply and demand structures. In this article, we analyze the current lobbying structures in Bavaria, one of the leading European destinations. Bavarian tourism finds itself in an exceedingly complex situation today caught between diminishing competitiveness, especially considering the persistent investment backlog, and exceedingly ambitious tourism policies. Using semi-structured interviews we investigated how key policy-makers and representatives of the tourism business currently appraise tourism lobbying in Bavaria. From their assessments, we derive recommendations that should help to optimize lobbying structures and processes.

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