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Complaint Management : the Heart of CRM


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Stauss, Bernd ; Seidel, Wolfgang:
Complaint Management : the Heart of CRM.
Mason Ohio, USA : Thomson/South-Western, 2004. - X, 310 S.
ISBN 0-324-20264-4


Everybody Hates Complaints!
However, contained within each complaint is a customer that has tried your product or service and was dissatisfied.
Complaint Management: The Heart of CRM is the most complete resource available for turning customer complaints into voices of change.
Dr. Bernd Stauss and Wolfgang Seidel have built a process to not just manage complaints, but also encourage them.
Complaint Management offers a process for receiving and handling complaints efficiently. More importantly, it offers a modell to help you analyze complaints: is it a complaint or merely grousing? Are the costs too high to satisfy the customer?
Complaint Management includes everything from establishing a complaint resolution process to receiving a complaint, processing the complaint, solving the complaint, and finally an analysis tool for identifying problem areas for your product or service. A checklist that appears at the end of the book serves as a great auditing tool.
It is much easier and cost effective to sell to an existing customer rather than find a new customer. Complaint Management ensures that your customer will be loyal customers.

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