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Response: Epistemological Issues of Social Work Science as a Translational Science


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Göppner, Hans-Jürgen:
Response: Epistemological Issues of Social Work Science as a Translational Science.
Übersetzer: Kazzazi, Kerstin
In: Research on social work practice. 22 (September 2012) 5. - S. 542-547.
ISSN 1049-7315 ; 1552-7581


A science-based practice should be caring, there is no dissent about this. But why a social work science? Until now “things are fine”, and practice seems to be getting on very well without it!? It is claimed that there is no alternative in its own interest. Social work needs social work science because of the epistemological issues linked to the central question: How can we know what works? And it is vital for social work academics for acquiring a profile and justification in their theory building to establish it as a modern translational action science. So practitioners and academics need an anchor point from outside for the justification of its helping strategies: a social work science tailored as a translational action science.
In this paper a) the implications of the usual practice-governed thinking aredemonstrated, and b) proposals are made for framing social work science for a more reliable support of the practitioner’s actions, aiming at the client’s wellbeing.

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Institutionen der Universität:Fakultät für Soziale Arbeit (FH) > Professur für Psychologie der Sozialen Arbeit
Verlag:Sage Periodicals Pr.
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