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Justice appraisals and their impact on climate mitigation commitments


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Hiendl, Barbara ; Müller, Markus ; Kals, Elisabeth:
Justice appraisals and their impact on climate mitigation commitments.
Veranstaltung: 8th Biennial Conference on Environmental Psychology, 6.-9.9.2009, Zürich.
(Veranstaltungsbeitrag: Kongress/Konferenz/Symposium/Tagung, Poster)


In a questionnaire study (N = 591), climate-related justice appraisals were investigated with regard to their motivational impact on commitments to climate change mitigation. The surveyed justice-measurements referred a) to the distribution of the costs climate change or protection involves, b) to the allocation of emission-related economic benefits and liberties and c) to different types of climate-relevant policies. Results reveal that justice concerns, particularly justice concerns referring to economic welfare issues, play a crucial role in the explanation of commitments to climate mitigation, even when established predictors such as the ascription of ecological responsibility to self and personal proenvironmental norms were included in multiple regression. Personal impairment by climate change or policies on the contrary proved to be practically negligible. The relevance of the findings in respect of environmentally significant behavior modelling is discussed.

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Publikationsform:Veranstaltungsbeitrag (unveröffentlicht): Kongress/Konferenz/Symposium/Tagung, Poster
Schlagwörter:Gerechtigkeit; Klimawandel; Bereitschaften; Motivation
Institutionen der Universität:Philosophisch-Pädagogische Fakultät > Psychologie > Professur für Sozial- und Organisationspsychologie
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